Top 10 Pranks to Do with friends

Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play on Friends


Welcome to a world of laughter and mischief! we believe that humor is the spice of life, and what better way to add some zest than with a well-executed prank? In this article, we present the Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play on Friends, guaranteed to not only tickle your funny bone but also leave a lasting impression on your pals. Let the laughter begin!

1. The Classic Toilet Paper Avalanche

Take a cue from timeless humor and set up the classic toilet paper avalanche. Simply tape a moderately filled toilet paper roll against a slightly opened door. When your unsuspecting friend opens the door, they’re greeted with a cascade of toilet paper. Clean, simple, and undeniably amusing!

2. The Fake Bug Invasion

For a prank that induces both shrieks and laughter, scatter realistic-looking fake bugs in unexpected places. Watch as your friends do a comical dance of surprise when they encounter these critters. Just be prepared for the laughs that follow the initial shock!

3. Unexpected Balloon Blast

Turn an ordinary day into a celebration by filling a room with balloons. But here’s the twist: strategically hide a balloon filled with confetti among them. When your friend least expects it, pop goes the balloon, creating a confetti explosion of joy and laughter.

4. The Classic Soap That Won’t Lather

Add a touch of hilarity to your friend’s shower routine by coating their soap with clear nail polish. As they try to lather up, the soap won’t produce any bubbles, leaving them puzzled and you in stitches.

5. Auto-Correct Shenanigans

If your friend is particularly attached to their phone, this prank is a gem. Sneak into their device and tweak the auto-correct settings. Innocent texts turn into comedic masterpieces as your friend struggles to send coherent messages.

6. Inflatable Furniture Ambush

For a funny prank with a touch of absurdity, replace your friend’s regular furniture with inflatable counterparts. Imagine their surprise when they sit on a seemingly normal chair only to discover it’s anything but!

7. The Oreo Toothpaste Swap

Satisfy their sweet tooth with a devious twist. Carefully replace the creamy center of Oreo cookies with toothpaste. Watch the confusion unfold as your friend eagerly bites into what they believed to be a delightful treat.

8. Office Supplies Avalanche

Bring the hilarity to the workplace by orchestrating an office supplies avalanche. Stack a tower of supplies precariously on the edge of a desk, awaiting the perfect moment to create chaos. The resulting laughter will be worth the cleanup.

9. The Mirror Note Surprise

Leave an unexpected and amusing message on your friend’s bathroom mirror using a bar of soap. It’s a lighthearted way to start their day with a smile.

10. The Endless Mouse Prank

For the tech-savvy prankster, attach a wireless mouse to your friend’s computer and subtly control their cursor from a distance. Witness their confusion as they try to regain control, making for a day filled with shared laughter.


Laughter is the universal language, and pranks are the perfect vehicle to spread joy among friends. With these Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play on Friends, you are equipped to turn any occasion into a memorable and amusing experience. Remember, the key to a successful prank is to share the laughter and create bonds that last a lifetime.






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